Friday, July 30, 2010

Physics, Karma, and the Afterlife

One of the laws of physics says that, a body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless an outside force acts upon it. I think this explains the reason I have such a hard time getting up in the morning. Another important law of physics states: that for every action, there is an equal, but opposite reaction. This is the one that I have the most interest in, and I think it might be linked to Karma for those of you who believe in it. Basically what goes around comes around. Some religions believe in Karma strongly. They basically believe that every good thing you do will be repaid and every bad thing you do will also haunt you later on. Who am I to argue with that, makes since to me. I wonder how it works though. I wonder if it happens here or in the afterlife? If there is a so-called “afterlife” at all. I have to believe that there is something after this life. If not then what’s it all for? So after this life, I have taken the stance that something else awaits us…but what? I don’t know. Since we are on the subject will only humans have life after death, or I wonder if animals have a spirit or some type of life force that will enable them to be in the afterlife too? For instance, my dog Oscar that I really care a lot about, I wonder when we both reach the afterlife, will I get to see him, or recognize his life-force? Will I see my parents or do we all just have a little light that shines, like the song little kids sing in Christian churches. This little light of mine. I guess these are questions that we all have asked ourselves at sometime or other, but I think about this stuff a lot. It’s interesting to me. This is another good one: A man and a woman get married. A few years later the man dies, and after a few years of grieving the woman gets married again. They live a long happy life together and then die. In the afterlife whom will she be with? If anyone? Her first or last husband, how would this make the first guy feel? Or the second depending on who she chooses.  Its things like this that make me believe that love and affection must be different in the afterlife and emotion, as we know it, must be different or not exist. Leave a comment on your thoughts and beliefs, and why you believe what you do. If you can back it up with a Bible verse, Vedic Knowledge, or something from the Quran, or other Holy writing, I would like to read it so please comment.


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  3. Althogh I believe these questions crosses everyone's mind in some point in life, I don't think anyone has a certain answer really. When I was little, I just didn't get the whole heaven and hell concept... It just made no sense... as I got older I realized that there are deeper meaning behind it other than just burning in hell and resting in heaven, but I don't think anyone can for sure define it. But aside from after life, for what's worth in this life I think the values and right/wrongs are well defined in all religions (althogh some are misinterpreted and twisted 180 degrees, but nevertheless), so I guess that is good.... a good start for figuring out the big puzzle! .... Maybe one day we all can see the big picture that we are a small part of...