Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dollars and it just CHANGE?

There’s oil in the ocean, Iran is close to having nukes, and China is in line to take our place as the world’s great superpower. We are fighting three wars: one in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, and one on our southern border. With over regulation and big government our jobs go overseas and more and more people have to draw a government check. This gives me pause. Will my savings that is in dollars be worth anything in ten years, or should I buy over priced or very highly priced gold? Maybe even silver. Now that’s a thought it’s been close to 80 bucks per ounce in the early eighties, and now it’s around $17. Seems to me it’s a better buy than gold, which is very high at the time. Doesn’t the seller’s motto of “buy low sell high” mean anything here?

Maybe it would be best for us all if the world did end in 2012, but I’m not really ready to go yet. I haven’t even packed my bags. I have so many unfulfilled dreams and goals that if given half a chance, I might be able to best a few of them. I would love to travel to parts of the world that I’ve never seen, only read about how the weather is awesome and stays the same all year. Where an American dollar can buy a beer and a cigarette, wow I would love to go now…. but what about my captivity I wrote about? All those bills that I created must be paid. So as a devoted citizen with my credit score dipped in gold I must trod onward leaving the rest to books that hopefully someone will be able to tell me how the world looks on the other side of the hill. How the sunsets are more beautiful each day, and with your toes in the sand you have no worries except getting to the airport in time to make that flight home to get back to the grindstone like those of us that never leave.

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