Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Law of Detachment

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Life, like a vapor here one moment and then gone.   We are not physical creations that experience spiritual events, but rather spiritual beings that have physical experiences.  Those experiences are what we are all a part of right now.  You are where you are in life because of all the decisions you have made in the past.  To change your life you have to change your outlook and also your actions, with no change all you get is the same result over and over.  If things are not the way you want them, all you have to do is change a routine such as a shopping time.  This change can open the door of opportunity for the universe to bring change into your life.  It’s really that simple.  We all want riches and some want fame too.  These things are much harder to achieve because of the spiritual law of attraction also known as detachment.  If you desire anything but are “attached” to the outcome it really never happens.  Remember back in your life when you wanted something and it never happened, but as soon as you decided that it really didn’t matter you acquired it.  The universe has a strange way of balance and kind of a sense of humor, if you want it, it’s hard to get….you desire to have it but are not attached to the outcome(really don’t care) then it falls in your lap.  I know this sounds weird but you can all think of times this has happened in your life.  People are the same way about each other.  Remember when you wanted to be with someone who was unavailable or wasn’t attracted to you?  As soon as you changed your attention to someone else they often times came around, and then if you had lost your desire to be with them, they almost became stalkers.  This is the way the universe keeps everything in balance.  If we all got what we wanted all the time think of all the bored, spoiled people that you would be surrounded with, including yourself.  So to change this to your advantage and get what you want, you have to learn the law of detachment.  It basically states that you maintain the desire for something like love or money but you are not attached to the outcome….could care less and you will have it.  Practice this and see what happens.  I will post more about the seven spiritual laws that Deepak Chopra has written about if you guys will leave some comments about enjoyment or interest, if not then I need not waste my time and yours.  Thanks for reading, I hope this really helps some of you and I hope that it has sparked an interest in change, because like it or not things change.  They might as well change for the better.

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