Monday, July 19, 2010

Clueless America

Okay let's see, the dollar is on a roller coaster, and gold is at an all time high. Oil is in the ocean, (I thought that stuff was expensive), show’s what I know. Still all I can find to read about is Lindsey Lohan's bad hair, and jail. Jessica Simpson's fatter lips or was that hips, and who blew it on the red carpet with bad clothing, and a couple of so-called celebs that are saving the planet from global warming. If we could take the money used to snap shots and write articles about these clueless people we might be able to use those funds, and help the ever growing real problems mentioned above that is choking middle class America off the globe as I write this. Oh yes, I would help too, but see I'm one of the one's getting batted about. The gulf coast is out of work, I'm sure less drilling out there must make gas go up, everything else does.  So, yes I think it will be a double dip recession.  I will rant more later, for now I need some bread and water (from the tap)!!

Until later.... plant something!

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