Monday, July 12, 2010

Stupidity is Killing this Country

I just read an article where Lady GaGa played a piano that John Lennon once played that was at his mom's house I believe, and the whole lot of Beatles fans were going nuts.  Who really cares?  I guess it is better to just let the thing rot?  I mean some people need to get a grip.  This country is going to hell in a hand basket very quickly.  First we need to stop the bleeding by focusing on problems, not celebrities that have no clue, and then get someone in the White House that can at least half way run the business at hand.  Maybe he can at least start by focusing on a better state of the union.  It looks as though the oil leak might be stopped this time.  I say that with my fingers crossed.  We also really need to put money in green energy companies, and let's stop our dependence on oil and clean the gulf.  I saw a picture today of a sea bird, of some kind, covered in oil and it really made me sad.  I wish I could go clean the whole thing up, but I can't.  I will however, continue to bitch until it happens.  Believe me, if I lived close enough I would be volunteering, but I don't so I will give my support from here just as I do for our troops, and hope a few people read this and pass it on. 

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