Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Experiments in Life

Okay so this post will hopefully shed a little light on the crazy things that make me tick, and a few things that I think we could all use, at least to experiment with.

I like the smell of:
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Rain on hot days
  • Gasoline (yes gasoline, just the smell, I don't huff gas okay!)
  • Fresh ground coffee beans

I hate spineless people. I am proud to say that I take pride in saying exactly what I think.....which gets me in trouble sometimes, and sometimes it gets others in trouble too.
I wish friends were forever, and nobody held grudges.
I think it is awesome when someone is looking for something and they find it.  ( like love, I'm not talking about car keys here.)

I wish I could:
  • Keep my mouth shut.
  • Be humble.
  • Admit that I might be wrong sometimes.
Remember that no matter how bad it seems, you will probably laugh about it in a year.
Remember that your favorite music is the best in the world, but other people's music is too!
Try hard everyday to be first at something...try even harder to be last.
If you see something on someone that you like, tell them, if you see something you don't like, tell no one.

And last but not least, when driving, wave at people you don't know....it really makes them think.


  1. LOL! I love reading your posts. I really like this one and the "I wish I could"...most awesomest! :)


  2. I like to wave enthusiastically at drivers who pull out in front of me or are cutting it close when passing someone coming towards me. Right when they're expecting the big F.U. I put on my biggest smile & wave ecstatically. Kind of brightens my day to know I just confused the hell out of someone.

  3. Well, as you know, I don't get on line often enough to keep up with everyone's posts and blogs, but every now and then I spend couple of hours at least trying to catch up with what every-one is up to.... so, I read several of the latest posts and if I had to pick this one would be my favorite. I like when people think about themselves and analyze who they are, what they like and dis-like, what pushes their bottons and what soothes their minds... I don't think people invest enough time studying their minds, which could be the reason behind a lot of bad decisions and much unhappiness!
    I too love the smell of freshly ground coffee beas!! It is that awakening bitter sweetness that makes it special!! Can't start the day without it!!! Freshly cut grass... I used to enjoy it, but I have learned that it is associated with loud noise that the lawn mover makes, so I no longer like that smell... I can't help it!! I hate the noise... which is the exact same reason why I hate vaccuming!! The loud disturbing noise.... I love the smell of rain on ANY day!!! Even if it means I come home from work soaking wet, I still find it lovely!
    Smell of Gasoline.... not so much... but I can see why some-one would like it though... it sure is a fresh smell.
    On the second part... "I wish I could"... I think you should give yousrelf a lot of credit for having made those wishes, since not very many people do! ;0)