Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Has The American Government REALLY Done?

I really believe that the elected representatives and the bureaucrats that they have appointed, which may not hold your ideas of government at heart, but are not voted for, merely appointed, are tearing the country apart. For their shallow promises of no tax increases, reformed health care, and better education programs, we have given them the keys to the country. They have spent and spent and even enacted unconstitutional entitlement programs that have run this country’s finances into the ground. Now they seem to have no respect for the countries Founding Fathers or their ideals, and a growing disrespect for the countries founding documents. These documents contain provisions to allow the people to STOP this out of control bureaucratic machine in its tracks. We just need leaders who have the backbone to stand up and do it!

So I charge every Red Blooded American, when you go to the polls and after your elected officials are in office, make them realize the people are their BOSSES not their footstools. Some Americans that feel the same as I, have already started by creating a Campaign that will help us all get this country turned around. With our heads held high we can become the America that we dream of being. You can get more information on this at:

Please join the fight to help your country, and preserve your rights while you still have them.

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