Friday, August 6, 2010

Lemonade, or NOT

It’s hot, very hot.  How about a glass of cold lemonade. Well, that’s what a 7-year-old girl at a county art fair was set up to do this week. Her recipe consisted of first using hand sanitizer, and then 2 cups of sugar, 2 packets of lemonade, and bottled water, along with bagged ice. Sounds safe to me. That all went to hell in a handbag along with her entrepreneurial spirit when the health inspector showed up and shut the little girl's stand down because she did not have the $120 vendor license that the county requires. If she had the license, she probably could have been mixing it in an old toilet and that would have been okay because the county had their $120. This is really crossing the line in my book.

 “The land of opportunity”, as long as you secure the proper funding to buy the licenses you need to have the "opportunity”, if not then well your shit out of luck in this county.

So here we go again, another dream flushed away because the giant government (we have created) needed their part of the proceeds first.
I swear!

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