Thursday, August 19, 2010

With or Without Olive Oyl

Bud Sagendorf's cover of Popeye #50 (Oct.-Dec....Image via Wikipedia
Watched some cartoons today, like any other day.  But today it finally dawned on me, after many episodes of Popeye, from the late thirties, that Olive Oyl is really a very skinny ho!  Sure she is Popeye's "goil" but as soon as Bluto shows up, she is also Up for grabs.  Then when she realizes the evil in Bluto, she hollers like a bitch in heat for Popeye to save her; which he always does.  I dated a few girls like this in my younger days, they were mine until something a little richer or appealing in some way passed by.  You would think there was a shortage of the male essence, it never lasted long either.  I usually always took them back too, but without the care I once had, they became just a toy for me, and boy was that fun!
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