Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Art of War

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I really love animals. This includes all insects, spiders, and even the snakes that most of you are afraid of, but if they try to invade my home, it means war! The other day as I opened the door to the patio, a wasp tried to fly in, but I was able to swat him back outside with my hand. Successfully knocking him back outside, but making him furious at the same time, he flew right back at me, hitting my arm within the blink of an eye. I was hit. The itching and stinging started immediately. I surveyed the damage, it was just a small sting on the forearm, but oh hell no, the war was full scale now. I looked at the French doors and sure enough they were waiting. They had two fighters posted, one on each door, and soon as I walked out they both came at me. I knocked one to the ground with a swat from my right hand and the other I caught with the back of the same. I captured the first one, which had also stung me, and put him in a McDonald's cup and put the lid on. The other I caught in a paper towel, and took him inside as a P.O.W. to interrogate. I removed one wing and placed him on the floor, but he would not give up the location of their nest, so I went ahead and exterminated him, slowly. Now I focused on the original attacker, for him I thought about two hours in the blistering sun in the cup would work, but that was not good enough for the one who started this war. 35 seconds in the microwave did the trick though. Now they are gone, and the rest of their troop, if they even existed, have moved on too. Never let your guard down, so I still keep an eye out for spies.
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