Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lottery and Life

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I saw on the news today where a man in the Northwest won half of the $380 million mega millions lottery. He is 68 years old and I believe His wife is 63 years old. They have six children and I believe that it said 23 grandchildren & I’m not sure how many great-grandchildren. I think their lump sum payment after taxes is probably somewhere around $90 million. I’m very happy for them there’s also another winner out there who bought the other ticket not far away in Idaho and has yet to claim their prize.

I also won the lottery last week, I bought $50 of $2 scratch offs and won a total of $28 so I guess I had a net loss of $22, but it was a lot of fun scratching tickets.

With that being said as unsettling as it may be I must move forward in this mortal dance we refer to as life. I have chosen to believe that it is a bit overrated but I shall continue. More like a dance with a fog or vapor as I see it. The harder you try to attain something the more elusive it becomes. Knowledge, well it can be obtained rather easily, just read nonfiction and you will obtain knowledge. I seek wisdom, it has proven difficult, maybe I am becoming more wise with age, but that is at the expense of mistakes at my age I have started to realize that the level of wealth I wanted to obtain his becoming a dream rather than a reality I wonder why some have never really had to work hard at anything and it just seems to fall in their laps? I don’t envy them. The process of attainment that they seem to have access to is what I envy. I have realized that I must have passive income streams to achieve the kind of security I seek, but that is also playing hard to get. I guess we all want what we can’t or don’t have I will continue to make this my main goal. I believe I really could do some good for mankind if I could just get past this first obstacle, then I would have the time and money to really make a difference! Until then my time will be used in strife.

If I could change one thing, I think it would be my ability to discipline myself to be more efficient with my time.

So as far as New Year’s resolutions go, I want to quit smoking, and of course add to my financial strength I also want to become a better person. I guess it depends on how you look at it, or what you judge a person by. You have to have reference to determine if a person is a good person. I believe that we are all basically good, some just get astray and end up in some bad situation, and it is how we handle these situations that make us successful people or,” better”. I hope this year is a blessing to all of my friends and family and to anyone who is reading this now; I hope that if you made a resolution you find it easy to keep. If you want to lose some weight I hope it falls off for you, if you wanted to gain some weight I hope that is also added in muscle not flab…lol. I know I have not written in my blog much lately and I hope to correct that this year and get back to posting maybe not daily like I used to, but maybe at least weekly. I am experimenting with this software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and actually it leaves very little for me to go back and correct. I actually thought it might be hard for it to understand me with my southern accent, but it actually has that option when you set the program up. Oh before I forget, as far as the lottery goes, if you play I wish you luck. I hope your numbers hit. Please remember I am your best friend if you do win, so be sure and call….lol, in the meantime, take care of yourself.

P.S. If there are any typos or a sentence that just doesn’t make sense, it’s the program.

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  1. This is a very depressing lottery simulator, but if I hit it big, I'll be sure and send you you're cut.

    Good luck on your new year goals.

  2. Good post. Hope you achieve your new year goals. You can do it. Love you.