Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Ugly World

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I was watching an episode of a show on Showtime called “The Big C” about a lady that has cancer, and has been hiding it from her family. She decided to not seek treatment, but rather chose to enjoy the rest of the life she had left. She has a brother whom is homeless by choice, and lives and eats off the land, and the occasional dumpster. His life for the most part has kind of grown on me, and sometimes I wish that I could just walk off in the distance, and let it all go. NO $200,000 house, NO $55,000 trucks….NO cell phones, NO new clothes… you get the idea. Think about how liberating that kind of existence could or would be. No job either, because you don’t have anything to pay for, just a simple existence, enjoying the world as God intended. When Jesus walked the earth he traveled from town to town teaching, and was always fed, had a place to sleep and I bet it was really nice, not the place to sleep, but the lifestyle. Think about all the stress out the window…no IRS cause you have no income….you could do small jobs to get a little money to buy the necessities like soap and deodorant and a can of tuna. If you’re like me though, you have bought into everyone else’s idea of what life is supposed to be, and now live in debt, so you have to work. Which takes up all your time, and when you have free time; you are too tired to enjoy it….all this for a green piece of fabric that we call MONEY. Money is not bad, in fact, it is nice to have money, have all the toys, and still live the simple life, because you have no debt. I guess that is what we are all striving for right? After all “the love” of money is the root of all evil, not the money itself or having it. But with that being said, what an ugly, ugly world we live in. At this moment my wife has an aunt she loves dearly, being held after being kidnapped for ransom in Mexico, by one of the drug cartels for, MONEY.

Next week some of you will be lucky enough to be off work to see your family for Thanksgiving, and some of you will slave away, and only get to spend maybe one day with your family, if your lucky, because you have to return to work for MONEY. It is really sad to me….I look around and I really don’t need all this stuff, that I thought I really NEEDED at the time I wasted MONEY on it. I would love to live in the National Forest somewhere. In a small shack by a beautiful river to bath in, where it is not to cold, or to hot in the extremes of the seasons, and just ponder life. In the world today, you would be called a bum or a loser, but I think it would really be stress free, and could add years to your life if you still got your yearly check-ups, and took good care of yourself…grow your own food, build what you need, and have a hobby that you could make a small amount of money off of: like painting, or woodworking, writing, carving, so many things that you could set yourself up with after you sold all the crap you don’t need. Just a dream of mine I guess. It really could all be looked at like, I am selfish, or lazy, which I admit to both, but I think we all are a bit of both, to our own extents of toleration.

I think I read, or saw, on the news where the “average” not the wealthy, or the poor, but the “average” American home has somewhere around $25,000 of stuff, that they could do without. It is simply not used as often as intended or not at all. Like that treadmill in my living room that could be replaced by a jog around the block. I know I have that much and more…just some of it would be harder to part with than other stuff. I guess I will try with a small amount first, say $5000. So Ebay here I come. I will let you guys know how it goes, and what I chose to give up. I know the other day I was talking to my wife about putting a satellite receiver in our son’s room, and I figured that I have had Direct TV for 10 years now, and my average monthly bill is $110 so that’s about $13,200 that I have spent, just on TV, that makes me sick. I guess I could start there, but then again that is where I got my inspiration to write this in the first place. I hope you all will take some time to see what I am really grasping at here, only a small change and maybe it will help someone…maybe a child will get a gift this year for Christmas that normally would not get anything, just from the sell of an old crock pot on Ebay. I wish blessings on you all and I hope the Holidays bring joy to each and every one of you! God Bless.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. I think about young kids today how this is the only kind of world they know. It's sad. I can't speak of having a lot of money (because I don't) and doing away with luxuries (because I've already done that), but your idea of living simply sounds lovely. I'm talking Little House on the Prairie days. Mmmhmm.

  2. That is exactly the kind of life I was trying to explain, yet you were able to do it for me in 5 words....I really think that that is the way to truly be happy, and not so reliant on technology and luxury items. Scary thing was that was the Una-Bomber's ideology also...yikes. Give my love to Sunny, and tell your ole' man I said Hi!!
    Love you.